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Gluten Free September 4, 2009

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One thing that I’ve never shared on the blog before is that I maintain a gluten free diet. I’ve noticed a lot of other blogs addressing it, and saw this article yesterday about a woman training for a marathon while sticking to a gluten free diet and I found it interesting enough to share.

I have definitely noticed a difference in my training since going gluten free about 6 months ago. Although now I feel 100 times better than I did before going gf, it adds a whole new element to race training.  As most of us know, carbs are a very important source of energy and I cannot eat a majority of the easy, go-to carbs like pasta, bread, bagels, etc.  I am very lucky that I live in the city close to a lot of health food stores that offer gf-varieties of these foods, however they are significantly more expensive.

I was aware of my gluten intolerance in high school, but didn’t have the will power while I was at college to stay away from beer, pizza and the endless cookies at the dining hall buffets.  Now that I cook for myself nearly every day, it’s much easier to maintain this diet. Social events are definitely much more different when I am not in control of the food available, but I’ve gotten the hang of what I can and cannot eat.  Always being prepared with my own snack has saved me in many of these situations.  Luckily, most of the energy gu’s and gummy snacks are gluten free – and I’ve found gf-substitutes for my favorite pre-run fuel of waffles with pb and a banana. My favorite line of gf food is Nature’s path. These waffles are the best! I even gave them to my sister and she had no idea they were gf until I told her!

 I need to be extra concious that I am getting enough calories while training for the marathon in October (!!!). I’ve never officially counted my calories for a day (something I should do) but I’m guessing I am between 1600-1800/day.  I plan to run 13 miles tomorrow morning so need to keep that in mind while fueling for the rest of the day.  Not only has this new diet made me feel much better, but I know I am eating much healthier now that I can’t mindlessly snack on cookies or other ’empty’ foods at work.  A lot of thought and planning goes into each meal that I eat which allows me to make sure that I’m putting healthy food that will fuel me efficiently through my next meal. So even though this is off the normal topic of running, your diet is such a crucial part of training and being gf has been a huge adjustment that I wanted to share it!



What?? A Marathon?!? September 2, 2009

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I have made the exciting decision to run in the Hartford Marathon! The only thing is, it is on October 10th.. a little more than a month away. While I was on vacation the week after my half marathon, I was talking to one of our friends about the next race I wanted to run. I have always said I would never run a marathon,  it seems like way too far of a distance for a person to run and takes such a toll on your body.  I have always been so intimidated by marathons that I never imagined I’d make the decision to run in one.. let alone a few weeks after a half.

Well, Jen made a good point that I was already half way through the training. She also works for a non profit, Jocelyn’s Run, which has a team participating in the marathon that I could join and raise money for the cause by running the race. I figured, why not?! This time it’s not about beating a time, it’s simply accomplishing a goal I have set for myself that I once thought was impossible.

I’m really excited about it! I’m not going to take it easy training so I don’t injure myself. I’m planning to do a few shorter runs  (3-7 miles) twice a week followed by longer runs on the weekends. Considering I didn’t train too intensely for this last half, I don’t want to overdo it. I’m thinking about doing 12, 15, 18, 20 mile runs over the next 4 weekends, then taking it easy the weekend before the race. I’m not going for record timing, I just don’t want to hit a wall at 13 miles knowing I am only half way done! The Hartford course looks great. It’s 2, 13.1 mile loops of the same course – which sounds much better than the NY marathon where you’re running 26.2 straight miles. 

I’m going to admit that I am really nervous.. especially the fact that I’m running the race by myself. The past few races I’ve run I’ve started off with another person. I also hope that I can reach my fundraising goal! I’m shooting for $700 which I should hopefully be able to raise in these next few weeks.  I’ve started a fundraising page and have already raised $110 thanks to some very generous donors 🙂  I’m also going to be good about tracking my training to keep myself motivated and monitor my

I started my training with a nice slow 6.5 mile run. As I’ve said before, I LOVE running along the Hudson. I feel like I could run forever. This time, I went north up to 125th street, this will be great on long runs because I can go as far as I want – all the way to the GW Bridge! This cool weather will be great for training, fall is definitely my favorite season! I’m doing my best not to be too intimidated by the marathon, I’ve registered so there’s no turning back! Everyone has already been so supportive so I can’t wait for race day to be here!!


Half Marathon Review September 1, 2009

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So I know it’s been a few weeks since the half, but I still wanted to post.  The race was so great!! I was much more relaxed before this half than my first.  The course was awesome, running through Times Square was absolutely amazing!

Here is a picture of the 3 of us before the race:


Nolan was a great spectator and was up bright and early to take some photos and come cheer us on!

Overall the race was wonderful! I felt amazing the entire time, must have been a good combination of hydration, stretching, pre-race fuel and training. I finally slowed down a bit around mile 10, which is where you go south on the West Side Highway and are in direct sun – the whole rest of the race was practically all shade! I had great luck with Clif Shot blocks and ate one every time I would stop at the water stations (every 2 miles?).


Here are my results.  It’s interesting that I beat my original half marathon only by one minute, when this time I felt so much stronger. I must have had Joanna pushing me along last time! Overall it was a great experience! Now it’s time to figure out my next race!

Last Name
First Name
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PRICE ALLISON F22 12443   NEW YORK NY 5725 2290 202 2:11:18 2:25:23 0:32:30 1:04:37 1:35:47 2:05:16 10:01 2:11:18 2664 48.8 %

I did it again! August 7, 2009

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Yesterday I went to Central Park for another long run. I had set out to complete 10 miles (my max) and set my minimum distance for 7 miles.  I set my course to the same 2-5 mile laps of the park – which makes it harder not to complete all 10 miles.

My run was amazing! I think I had a great combination of cooler weather, low humidity, I drank tons of water all day in preparation and had a small snack beforehand. I felt great! It wasn’t until the last half mile that I was starting to struggle. This is a huge improvement from last time where I hit a wall around 7 miles. I also tried out some Gu for the first time which definitely boosted my energy.  I was nervous to try it because I have heard of some people’s horrible experiences, but I’m happy to report I was fine!

My only issue is drinking enough water throughout my long runs. I like the CamelBak becuase it saves me time by not having to stop at every single water fountain along the path – which really wastes a lot of time and energy. I can’t get enough water at one time and really struggle getting it through the tube. Any suggestions?? I might try and look for something like this:




Hopefully I can find one this weekend, I want to be able to test it out before the race and I’m afraid if I order it online it won’t arrive in time.  I would be easier to carry nothing but I feel so naked running empty handed. I like having a pocket to keep my keys, some cash and possible my phone just in case.

I plan to go on a 5-mile run this weekend. I’ll be visiting my friend in Pittsburgh but she says there is a gorgeous path around a lake near her house which we plan to run Saturday morning. Other than that I’m going to take it easy. I feel MUCH more confident after last night’s run and am going to try to repeat everything I did yesterday.

This link will bring you to the course of the race ( I can’t get the image to upload for some reason). It’s one lap of the park (7miles) then you run through Times Square all the way south to Battery Park. It’s an amazing course – I think I’ll be very distracted by the scenery and the crowd – hopefully there will be one at 8am! I’m really counting on adrenaline to push me through the last few miles. I’m super excited to run with my sister and her husband (although I’m sure he’ll be WAY ahead of us).  Now, I just want race day to be here!





Double Digits! July 29, 2009

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I knew I wanted to do a long run this week but realized I didn’t have time to do it other than last night or tonight – its pouring rain today so yesterday afternoon I decided to just suck it up and do 10 miles. There was no rain, I had no plans, and basically no excuses not to!


As soon as I got home from work I put on my running shoes and hurried out the door before I had a second to think about it. I set my goal at 10 miles, but I usually set a “maximum” goal, and a “minimum” goal. This is because sometimes my body just can’t handle the distance I have set out to run that day, so as long as I set a slightly shortly distance then at least I have accomplished one goal and not completely bailed. So last night my max was 10 and min was 7. I haven’t run 10 miles since my half marathon, and while training for that race my longest run was 8 miles.


Heading out for a run that’s going to take an hour and a half is pretty intimidating. After running the first mile I just kept thinking over and over “I can’t believe I still have 9 miles to go”. The entire time I ran last night it was all mental. Aside from the last 2 miles, my body felt fine but my mind kept telling me to stop. It was a definitely tough but I completed 10 miles! I had to walk a few times and stop and stretch but that was about it! I was so proud that I actually accomplished a goal that I had set. I would like to do at least one more 10 mile run before the half and then take it easy the week before the race.


Lately, after these long runs I get home and feel extremely sick. I drink water while running and drink countless bottles when I get home but I always feel nauseous for at least an hour after these runs. The heat is definitely getting to me and it might be that I haven’t eaten enough before my run. I need to experiment on these next few runs to see how I can solve this problem! Any suggestions??


Stretch, stretch, stretch. July 27, 2009

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Over the weekend I realized how quickly the half marathon is approaching… I also haven’t completed a long run over 8 miles. My goal was to complete a 10 mile run before the race, but unfortunately I will be out of town the 2 weekends prior to the half. I may have to figure out a way to do it after work. It does help that I am out by 4:30, yet it’s still extremely hot at that time and I am still struggling with the heat.


I went on a quick run Friday night after work. It was mainly to test out my new shoes! I had been getting serious shin splints from my other shoes which I love dearly, but it was time to retire them. The only problem was, they were $140! In case you don’t remember, I’ve always had a serious issue with finding the right running shoes so the last pair I had (Asics Kayano 15) were AMAZING. However, my wallet does not allow a new pair of $140 running shoes every few months. So, I went to my favorite running store in Grand Central (surprising, I know!) and told the salesperson I loved my old shoes but needed a cheaper pair. Without hesitation, he grabbed a pair of shoes that were perfect! I swear, the people that work there are geniuses. They know so much about shoes and what works for you and the best part it – they don’t waste your time! They must be used to people who are short on time and have to make a train because I have never spent more than 20 minutes in the store. I ended up buying Asics GT-2140, and they were under $100 which is much more manageable. There wasn’t a serious difference either compared to my old shoes when I went to test them out. I’m so happy!




Sunday morning I geared up for an 8 mile run. I even took it easy the night before so I would have no excuse as to why I couldn’t run. I went on the same path as the weekend before, but was not nearly as successful… Even though it was 8 in the morning, the humidity was out of control! Practically unbearable. I couldn’t believe that it could still be that hot without the sun. I sucked it up and continued on and drank as much water as possible while running (love my camel back!)  The past few days I have had pain in my left foot that I had actually experienced while training for my first half marathon. The doctor had told me it stemmed from my extremely tight hamstrings and Achilles and recommended that I go to physical therapy. Unfortunately, physical therapy didn’t fit into my budget and she showed me a few stretches I could do at home. Of course, I did them for a few weeks and felt much better so I stopped. BAD IDEA. Now I have the same pain all over again and once I hit mile 4 on my run something in my foot popped and I had such bad pain I couldn’t run anymore and had to take a cab back to my apartment. I felt pretty pathetic but didn’t want to run in case something was seriously wrong. I went home and iced it and felt much better. I need to get better about stretching! You’d think I would have learned from my last injury, but of course not. I plan to stretch at least twice a day EVERY DAY until the race. No excuses! I’m being foolish my not stretching like the doctor recommended, and will regret it when I get seriously hurt.

Other than that, I’m getting super excited for the race! I feel very confident and am happy that it starts so early so that the heat will be bearable. Let’s pray for good weather! I’m going to go stretch 🙂


Article: Can’t Stand the Heat? July 22, 2009

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I found this  great article yesterday in Runner’s World right after I wrote my post about how much I struggled running in the heat. The entire article is great, but here are two things he mentioned that stuck out in my mind:

1. The current recommendation on hydration is that you should drink for thirst, and only for thirst. You don’t need to start pounding down the water just because it’s hot.

2. You’ll have to slow your pace in the heat. Your heart is pumping blood to your skin to keep you cool, which increases your heart rate, and the means that your pace must slow down.

These may seem obvious, but make so much sense as to why one cool evening after work I can run 4 miles at a 9:00 pace but could barely stick to a 10 min/mile pace during my long run on Sunday.   I am trying to acclimate myself to running in the heat for the half but need to remember to be careful! Luckily, the race starts at 7am, meaning I should (hopefully)  be finished by 9:00am right before the heat is unbearable!

The half is only a few weeks away, I can’t wait!