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ENERGIZE March 26, 2009

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Joanna here. My mother-in-law (Hi AMY!) was kind enough to send me some new powerbars in the mail.  She saw this post and wanted to aid in my efforts of finding quick sugar for long runs. The bars she sent me are: POWER BAR Energize! They are more of a smoothie type flavor ….so far I have tried Berry…it tastes like an airhead! So good! I am not the biggest fan of Powerbars b/c the consistency hurts my teeth.  But I would DEFINITELY buy these for myself. It kept me energized on a run before dinner, aka STARVING, but it did the trick.



Shots? Beans? Gels? March 13, 2009

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That sounds kind of weird….we have been discussing what types of quick sugar we take with us when we go on a long run. By long run we usually mean 7 + miles.

Allison has had success with the following:

Clif  Shot Bloks (pic via: )


And also Luna Moons (pic via: fitsugar)


Joanna has tried gels….and her gag reflex kicked in (that’s not hard to do, she will gag at the drop of a hat)….she has found more success in regular old jelly beans! (pic source)


We put them in our pockets (or in a baggie in our sports bra) and usually eat them about halfway through our run. Or if you are like Allison you can eat them at your desk at work…like a fruit snack. Sort of.