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Sunday can’t come soon enough… April 20, 2009

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So you didn’t hear from us for a while after our juice experiment because it actually made both of us pretty sick. Well, not that sick, but we felt extremely out of it all day. Mainly because there is nothing in it but fruit, yes this is obvious, but it definitely lacks the protein and fullness that I need to not feel empty. We both snacked the entire rest of the day and confirmed that if we attempted to be RAW foodies for one day we would die and our company would need to find 2 new receptionists… considering we already do the jobs of about 6 people, this would be an impossible task.

You can tell I’m trying to distract myself from the fact the race is on SUNDAY. We are both anxious/terrified/excited/nervous and basically just looking forward for it to be over. We’ve been training for a really long time and just want to be crossing the finish line and rewarding ourselves with a huge lunch and our long awaited running hiatus.

I planned to do a long run around Nolan’s neighborhood on Saturday morning; we had mapped out a 7 mile route the night before. After completed the run (which was 99% uphill) in less than 50 minutes I realized either I had suddenly become superhuman or our mapping skills were not as accurate as expected. It turns out it was the latter, which makes me feel both good and bad. The rest of the week will be spent on shorter runs just to keep our endurance up. Joanna and I had planned to run together tonight, but with both weather and scheduling conflicts we’ve had to reschedule for what is probably the 10th time.

The weather for Sunday looks great (thanks to Nolan’s recent weather update). Let’s cross our fingers that his weather predicting skills are slightly better than his mapping skills 🙂

Sunday, Apr 26

High: 78 °F Real Feel: 76 °F
Mostly sunny and pleasantly warm


ENERGIZE March 26, 2009

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Joanna here. My mother-in-law (Hi AMY!) was kind enough to send me some new powerbars in the mail.  She saw this post and wanted to aid in my efforts of finding quick sugar for long runs. The bars she sent me are: POWER BAR Energize! They are more of a smoothie type flavor ….so far I have tried Berry…it tastes like an airhead! So good! I am not the biggest fan of Powerbars b/c the consistency hurts my teeth.  But I would DEFINITELY buy these for myself. It kept me energized on a run before dinner, aka STARVING, but it did the trick.



“Harder, better, faster, stronger” -Kanye March 22, 2009

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Hi, Joanna here. I went on my first double digit run today! Before today my longest distance was 9.3 miles (15k) that I ran in a race last fall. My 52 year old dad smoked me…but that’s  neither here nor there. athankyou.

When I woke up I had some Kashi Mighty Bites cereal with skim milk, and half a banana. Since I didn’t leave for another 2 hours i had a spoonful of peanut butter and some OJ…to make sure I had enough fuel for this long run. I also slipped some jelly beans in my pocket – I am so glad that I did! The run was great actually…I averaged about 9:15 min. miles and finished just under 1:35:00.  This is perfect b/c I hope my half is in 2 hours or less. The only time I ever felt weird was when I stopped to eat my jelly beans, after mile 5. I got dizzy and woozy when I stopped, but once the sugar kicked in I was back in the groove. It was so cool to see how far I could go!

I had a great playlist going on my iPod. Two stand out songs were: “Stronger” by Kanye and “Jerusalem” by Matisyahu (random!) I also discovered that I enjoy a mix of songs when I run, which surprised me b/c I thought I only like fast, upbeat songs while exercising.  But, I rocked out to some Kings of Leon and Snow Patrol to change things up too.

When I got home I.WAS.STARVING. Seriously I thought I was going to pass out or dry heave or something. So I made the fastest thing I could think of, a smoothie. It was a great way to replenish my 1,000 calorie deficit, and hydrate too. I ate a lot of other things through out the day as well. Below is a picture of the dinner I made:

Healthy Chicken Pot Pie (wheat biscuits instead of pie crust)




This was easy, delicious, and nutritious. Perfect for a runner after a looooong, active day. Andrew liked it too 🙂


Burnout March 17, 2009

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Did you know burnout is a real psychological issue? We are starting to feel that towards running….major  BURNOUT. And the race is still weeks away. Any advice out there?


Shots? Beans? Gels? March 13, 2009

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That sounds kind of weird….we have been discussing what types of quick sugar we take with us when we go on a long run. By long run we usually mean 7 + miles.

Allison has had success with the following:

Clif  Shot Bloks (pic via: )


And also Luna Moons (pic via: fitsugar)


Joanna has tried gels….and her gag reflex kicked in (that’s not hard to do, she will gag at the drop of a hat)….she has found more success in regular old jelly beans! (pic source)


We put them in our pockets (or in a baggie in our sports bra) and usually eat them about halfway through our run. Or if you are like Allison you can eat them at your desk at work…like a fruit snack. Sort of.