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A vacation from running? I think not! March 26, 2009

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While training (or just trying to maintain an active / healthy lifestyle) it is a good idea to try and run / exercise while on vacation.  Obviously, if you don’t who cares – it’s vacation! But, if you feel like sticking to your training schedule we have some helpful tips.

1. If you are picking a hotel try and find one with a fitness center – or better yet an indoor or outdoor pool.  Swimming is a great way to cross-train.  Sometimes local gyms offer 1-week visitor passes. Look into that too!

2. If you are in a warm climate do a google search for trails or hikes you can walk or run on.

3. If you are going to the beach running on the sand is difficult but great for strengthening and toning. You can also run on the boardwalk which makes it easy to not get lost!

A great tool we use is : You can put in your current location or vacation destination and map out your own runs and tailor it to your needs. You can also search for specific routes and mileage posted by others.

With Joanna’s Garmin HRM she can use it to track distance if she doesn’t feel like mapping it out ahead of time. Pretty sweet.

Allison recently completed work outs in her resort gym in Mexico and Joanna plans on going on several beach runs in San Diego. Here’s to healthy travelling!


<3 Rate Monitors March 13, 2009

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We have both recently purchased heart rate monitors.  Looking back our runs were fine without them…but WOW have they made a difference in training.

Here are some reviews of HRMs :

Joanna has the Garmin Forerunner305 and Allison has the Polar F11.

Using these we are both able to track our heart rate levels throughout the run, and also calories burned.  There is also a timer function to see how long you ran.

Joanna’s favorite feature on the Garmin is the GPS.  It tracks her distance via satellites and when she gets home she plugs it into the computer and it outlines the actual route that she ran = pretty amazing. She can save all her runs and even compete against her previous times.

Allison really likes the size of her polar. It is small and less bulky, so it looks like a normal sport watch.