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12 miles. September 8, 2009

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This past Saturday I tackled my first long training run of 12 miles.  I’m surprised at how well it went! Even though we went out on Friday night, I took it easy knowing that any small amount of alcohol I put into my system would definitely affect how I felt on my run. I woke up at 5:45, as we had to be on the train to CT at 9:45, and ate my traditional pre-run fuel of a waffle with pb and banana. I tried to drink as much water as possible all day Friday, because there is only so much water you can drink right before a run before you have to go to the bathroom half way through!

I had to wait around a little bit because it was PITCH BLACK when I woke up. Although along the river is pretty safe at that time, the 4-minute walk to the river is through a well known homeless hang out… I don’t know what those people are up to at 6am so I figured it would be best to walk with as much light as possible. I took advantage of this time to stretch a bit before I headed out and made it safely to the path along the river.

The run itself was very uneventful… I didn’t want to stray too far away from my apartment at such an early hour so I ran south along the river for 3 miles (well 30 minutes.. I still don’t have a watch that measures distance) and back, then 3 miles north along the river and back. It went by pretty quickly and I zoned out to the music and occasionally caught myself singing outloud, luckily there were very few people out at this house so I wasn’t too concerned.

I got home, tried to stretch for as long as I could then hustled to get ready to catch the train. I felt slightly dehydrated afterwards, I don’t think I was drinking enough water throughout my run. I bought a new fuel belt (which I will review soon) but I definitely wasn’t drinking as much as I should have. I felt properly fueled even after my run and wasn’t as hungry as I thought. I always feel extreme tightness in my hips after long runs and need to focus on stretching for as long as possible. I even set my kitchen timer to make sure I’m giving myself enough time to stretch – the last thing I need is to be injured for this marathon!

I felt fine all day Saturday and even managed to dance the night away all night at a wedding, yet was absolutely DEAD tired the rest of the weekend. Sunday I could barely get out of bed, which is unusual for me considering I’m a morning person. I napped twice on Sunday and went to bed at 9:30. Yesterday I napped for 3 HOURS at Nolan’s parents house and went to bed at 9:00 last night…  I think I am FINALLY caught up on my sleep. This makes me realize that I need to give myself proper rest time after a long run and not plan too much on that day.

My body was so stiff and sore after the run that I could barely move. I did get out for a quick run/walk on Sunday morning. I didn’t even wear a watch or know how far I went because I was in Nolan’s parents neighborhood, but it was just what I needed to get my body moving again. I feel 100% this morning and am now scheduling all of my run’s for the rest of the week. I am keeping track of my weekly mileage and not increasing by more than the recommended 10%.  So this past week:

Monday: 6 Miles

Wed: 3 Miles

Saturday: 12 Miles

Total: 21

So this week I am going to shoot for no more than 23. With my 15 mile run planned for Saturday, I need to run 8 miles before the weekend. Easy!


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