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Gluten Free September 4, 2009

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One thing that I’ve never shared on the blog before is that I maintain a gluten free diet. I’ve noticed a lot of other blogs addressing it, and saw this article yesterday about a woman training for a marathon while sticking to a gluten free diet and I found it interesting enough to share.

I have definitely noticed a difference in my training since going gluten free about 6 months ago. Although now I feel 100 times better than I did before going gf, it adds a whole new element to race training.  As most of us know, carbs are a very important source of energy and I cannot eat a majority of the easy, go-to carbs like pasta, bread, bagels, etc.  I am very lucky that I live in the city close to a lot of health food stores that offer gf-varieties of these foods, however they are significantly more expensive.

I was aware of my gluten intolerance in high school, but didn’t have the will power while I was at college to stay away from beer, pizza and the endless cookies at the dining hall buffets.  Now that I cook for myself nearly every day, it’s much easier to maintain this diet. Social events are definitely much more different when I am not in control of the food available, but I’ve gotten the hang of what I can and cannot eat.  Always being prepared with my own snack has saved me in many of these situations.  Luckily, most of the energy gu’s and gummy snacks are gluten free – and I’ve found gf-substitutes for my favorite pre-run fuel of waffles with pb and a banana. My favorite line of gf food is Nature’s path. These waffles are the best! I even gave them to my sister and she had no idea they were gf until I told her!

 I need to be extra concious that I am getting enough calories while training for the marathon in October (!!!). I’ve never officially counted my calories for a day (something I should do) but I’m guessing I am between 1600-1800/day.  I plan to run 13 miles tomorrow morning so need to keep that in mind while fueling for the rest of the day.  Not only has this new diet made me feel much better, but I know I am eating much healthier now that I can’t mindlessly snack on cookies or other ’empty’ foods at work.  A lot of thought and planning goes into each meal that I eat which allows me to make sure that I’m putting healthy food that will fuel me efficiently through my next meal. So even though this is off the normal topic of running, your diet is such a crucial part of training and being gf has been a huge adjustment that I wanted to share it!



One Response to “Gluten Free”

  1. Lianne Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’m a runner in the process of going GF and will certainly try the waffles as a pre-run snack.

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