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I did it again! August 7, 2009

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Yesterday I went to Central Park for another long run. I had set out to complete 10 miles (my max) and set my minimum distance for 7 miles.  I set my course to the same 2-5 mile laps of the park – which makes it harder not to complete all 10 miles.

My run was amazing! I think I had a great combination of cooler weather, low humidity, I drank tons of water all day in preparation and had a small snack beforehand. I felt great! It wasn’t until the last half mile that I was starting to struggle. This is a huge improvement from last time where I hit a wall around 7 miles. I also tried out some Gu for the first time which definitely boosted my energy.  I was nervous to try it because I have heard of some people’s horrible experiences, but I’m happy to report I was fine!

My only issue is drinking enough water throughout my long runs. I like the CamelBak becuase it saves me time by not having to stop at every single water fountain along the path – which really wastes a lot of time and energy. I can’t get enough water at one time and really struggle getting it through the tube. Any suggestions?? I might try and look for something like this:




Hopefully I can find one this weekend, I want to be able to test it out before the race and I’m afraid if I order it online it won’t arrive in time.  I would be easier to carry nothing but I feel so naked running empty handed. I like having a pocket to keep my keys, some cash and possible my phone just in case.

I plan to go on a 5-mile run this weekend. I’ll be visiting my friend in Pittsburgh but she says there is a gorgeous path around a lake near her house which we plan to run Saturday morning. Other than that I’m going to take it easy. I feel MUCH more confident after last night’s run and am going to try to repeat everything I did yesterday.

This link will bring you to the course of the race ( I can’t get the image to upload for some reason). It’s one lap of the park (7miles) then you run through Times Square all the way south to Battery Park. It’s an amazing course – I think I’ll be very distracted by the scenery and the crowd – hopefully there will be one at 8am! I’m really counting on adrenaline to push me through the last few miles. I’m super excited to run with my sister and her husband (although I’m sure he’ll be WAY ahead of us).  Now, I just want race day to be here!





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