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Stretch, stretch, stretch. July 27, 2009

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Over the weekend I realized how quickly the half marathon is approaching… I also haven’t completed a long run over 8 miles. My goal was to complete a 10 mile run before the race, but unfortunately I will be out of town the 2 weekends prior to the half. I may have to figure out a way to do it after work. It does help that I am out by 4:30, yet it’s still extremely hot at that time and I am still struggling with the heat.


I went on a quick run Friday night after work. It was mainly to test out my new shoes! I had been getting serious shin splints from my other shoes which I love dearly, but it was time to retire them. The only problem was, they were $140! In case you don’t remember, I’ve always had a serious issue with finding the right running shoes so the last pair I had (Asics Kayano 15) were AMAZING. However, my wallet does not allow a new pair of $140 running shoes every few months. So, I went to my favorite running store in Grand Central (surprising, I know!) and told the salesperson I loved my old shoes but needed a cheaper pair. Without hesitation, he grabbed a pair of shoes that were perfect! I swear, the people that work there are geniuses. They know so much about shoes and what works for you and the best part it – they don’t waste your time! They must be used to people who are short on time and have to make a train because I have never spent more than 20 minutes in the store. I ended up buying Asics GT-2140, and they were under $100 which is much more manageable. There wasn’t a serious difference either compared to my old shoes when I went to test them out. I’m so happy!




Sunday morning I geared up for an 8 mile run. I even took it easy the night before so I would have no excuse as to why I couldn’t run. I went on the same path as the weekend before, but was not nearly as successful… Even though it was 8 in the morning, the humidity was out of control! Practically unbearable. I couldn’t believe that it could still be that hot without the sun. I sucked it up and continued on and drank as much water as possible while running (love my camel back!)  The past few days I have had pain in my left foot that I had actually experienced while training for my first half marathon. The doctor had told me it stemmed from my extremely tight hamstrings and Achilles and recommended that I go to physical therapy. Unfortunately, physical therapy didn’t fit into my budget and she showed me a few stretches I could do at home. Of course, I did them for a few weeks and felt much better so I stopped. BAD IDEA. Now I have the same pain all over again and once I hit mile 4 on my run something in my foot popped and I had such bad pain I couldn’t run anymore and had to take a cab back to my apartment. I felt pretty pathetic but didn’t want to run in case something was seriously wrong. I went home and iced it and felt much better. I need to get better about stretching! You’d think I would have learned from my last injury, but of course not. I plan to stretch at least twice a day EVERY DAY until the race. No excuses! I’m being foolish my not stretching like the doctor recommended, and will regret it when I get seriously hurt.

Other than that, I’m getting super excited for the race! I feel very confident and am happy that it starts so early so that the heat will be bearable. Let’s pray for good weather! I’m going to go stretch 🙂


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