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Allison: Back at it! and biking? July 21, 2009

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I have definitely been more accountable with my training over the last week. On Sunday I decided to test myself by going out for my first long run in months – 8 miles! It went much better than I was expecting. I used a camel back for the first time and it made such a difference! It was HOT outside and I honestly don’t think I would have made it without it.


I love living by the Hudson because there is a path along the entire river. You can run as long or as short a distance as you want. I decided to run towards Battery Park which was about 4 miles from my apartment. The only drawback was there was ZERO shade on the path for the entire distance, aside from a few trees along the way. I was lazy on Sunday morning and didn’t leave for my run until 2pm so it was extremely hot. I made it the first 4 miles with no problem and once I got to Battery Park I sat in the shade, stretched and walked around for about 10 minutes. I know I could have run the whole time but didn’t want to take any chances in the heat, especially when I still had 4 miles to go. Miles 4-7 were no problem but I really struggled on mile 8. I was just way too hot and felt like I couldn’t go any farther so I ran/walked the rest of the way. Overall, the run was great. Next time I need to get my butt out of bed earlier in the morning and take advantage of the shade! I feel much more prepared for this half marathon than my last, and if I just do a few more longer runs on the weekends I’ll be fine. Now that I have the perfect place to run, I have no excuse not to!

Along this path there are also a ton of bikers and I have definitely become interested in the sport! It seems like great cross training and amazing exercise. I would love to start but know nothing about it and would like to test out some bikes before spending $1000 on a new bike. Any suggestions?

On another note… Joanna has officially left me. The good news is that I now work 7:30-4:30 so have much more time to exercise after work. The bad news is, I MISS HER TERRIBLY! Here is a picture of us at the NYC Philharmonic in the park last week.



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