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Allison: 4 on the 4th July 6, 2009

Filed under: Allison — flavprice @ 4:23 pm

The 4 on the 4th was great!! Team Emma did a fantastic job! The course was definitely challenging with tons of hills. My goal for the race was to finish in under 40 minutes, I ended up running the 4 miles in 37:08!

After I finish races I always think I could have gone faster and never really push myself to my full racing potential. I considered this as more of a fun run and didn’t want to take it too seriously and injure myself for the half in August. I ran the first 2 miles with my dad and sister – my 2 brothers-in-law did their own thing from the start. I was getting antsy so my dad told me just to go ahead and do my thing so I really booked it the last 2 miles.

The race was such a great time! There were people running barefoot, war veterans running with flags, and people wearing crazy 4th of July outfits. Running through downtown is the greatest part of the race, everyone is buzzing with energy and cheering you on! I ran a little too fast through town and had to walk for a few seconds. Overall it was a great experience! I definitely want to run the race every year – maybe one year Emma will be running with us! Pictures to come soon 🙂


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