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Allison: 4 on the 4th July 1, 2009

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This weekend I will be participating in Chester, CTs annual 4 on the 4th race. I am excited because I will be part of Team Emma – fondly named after my niece who will be pushed by her dad in a jogging stroller. My Dad, sister and other brother in law will also be running. My sister (Emma’s mom) had to sit this one out because she is pregnant again! There will definitely be competition now as to who the team is named after next year.

But now back to running…I was slowly working my way back into training and was caught off guard when I realized the race was only a few days away. I’ve found my best runs are in the morning before work, there is an amazing path new my new apartment that is along the Hudson River which is a great change of scenery. I have found that I need to eat something small yet substantial before going out or else I get lightheaded and tire easily on my run.

I’m kind of nervous about the 4 on the 4th course because it is all hills – extremely steep uphills, long drawl out hills, steep downhills – basically a runner’s worst nightmare. It will definitely help to have my family members running along with me to keep me moving on the course!

After this race, I am hoping to run in a few smaller races in the city to further prepare me for the half marathon in August. Now that I’ve gotten back into training, I have to start incorporating longer runs into my routine – I’m including that in this post to hold myself accountable! The change of scenery along the Hudson has definitely gotten me out of my funk – I am excited because the half marathon course follows the Hudson down to Battery Park – an area which I will be very familiar with by then.

Training in the heat has been another challenge. It’s taken a lot of getting used to but I’m trying to run in all different temperatures before this half marathon. The race this weekend starts at 9am and looks like it will be a pretty warm day. Hopefully I will be more prepared for the extreme heat in this half marathon than the last! I’ve also started including yoga in my daily routine to increase my strength and flexibility. Now speedwork is all that’s left! Any suggestions??


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