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Joanna: Whaaaa happened??? June 8, 2009

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It’s been waaay too long since anyone has written on this blog.  I think it is time to update people on our lives post-half-marathon.  The week after the half I did ZERO exercise. Not even a long walk.  I sat at my desk all day and then went home at night and sat on the couch.  Even though I wasn’t sore, I was burnt out and decided my body deserved to rest.  After that week I was itching to exercise, but still not excited about running yet.  I went on about 3, hour long, power walks to ease back into things.  After that week I started running 2 miles about 3 times a week and have since raised it to 3, but stopped there.  My joints (knees and hips gave me trouble during training) feel great! They really, truly needed to take it easy! I am glad I’ve been listening to my body.  

I also bought rollerblades!!! They are AWESOME! I have been doing some great cross-training cardio with them and loving it. So that’s it – a few short runs 3 times a week or switch it up with some ‘blading.  I like this laid back exercise routine…however…I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was craving a race again…I am actually running in 2 this week. One is the JPM Corporate Challenge (3.5 miles in Central Park, with Allison again) on Thursday and the other is a 5k to support the Valerie Fund, on Saturday – in NJ. Aaaaaaaaaand I’m back in the game 🙂

A weird thing that occurred while training: I gained weight, yet Allison lost weight. Have you ever heard of anyone gaining weight while running ridiculously high mileage every week? Well, after some research it is apparently more common than you think.  It could be muscle, but it’s mostly water weight and glycogen storage in your muscles – to fuel you for your long runs.  I have lost most of it (without trying) which makes me think my body was just naturally preparing me for the race by storing lots of good stuff to keep me fueled – crazy right???

Anyway…I leave you with these fun pictures of late:


That’s me and Allison yukkin’ it up at the Beer Garden in Astoria.


That’s me and hub, Andrew, at a wedding. He looks…happy???


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