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The Day After Tomorrow… April 24, 2009

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And no, I don’t mean the movie with Dennis Quad and Jake Gyllenhaal.

At this time, the day after tomorrow, Joanna and I will (hopefully) be half way through our half marathon! I can’t believe it’s so close! This week we’ve both taken it easy and have kept up with shorter, easier runs. We are running another short run tonight and taking tomorrow off.

I’m anxious for Sunday to see what racing is all about, considering I’ve never done it before. It will be a lot more exciting running with 5000 other people and sidelines packed with people cheering you on than my casual jog in the park after work. Hopefully all of our hard work will pay off and we are able to finish in a decent time. Although we’re not set on time, our goal is under 2 hours. I feel confident we both can do that and we have each other for encouragement! For preparation I’ve made an awesome playlist to keep me going and plan to stretch every second between now and the start of the race to keep my shin splints from making an appearance during the race.

So now all we have to do is wait… we’re getting our race packets and numbers tomorrow which will means it is actually happening! We’re trying to design some sort of t-shirt to wear, but of course, Nike shut down their t-shirt making machine until June – perfect. Let’s hope we can get something made tomorrow!

Wish us luck!!!!!


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