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Countdown to the race!! April 13, 2009

Filed under: Allison,Joanna — flavprice @ 2:57 pm

We’re trying to stay motivated for the race now that it’s less than 2 WEEKS away! We decided to do this race before Christmas, so we’re pretty anxious to finally run! In the last few weeks I’ve felt kind of burnt out (I know Joanna has felt the same) so I’m doing my best to keep it together over the next few days.

Training has been going well! I’m not quite on track with my original schedule but am feeling confident about the race. We found out that the course is two-6.something mile loops around central park. I’ve run this course a few times and Joanna plans to do it in the next few days. I’ve surprisingly never raced before so it will be quite the experience to run my normal route with 5000 other people.

Also, we are both running in the JPM Corporate Challenge on June 11th. We’re going to take a little running hiatus after the half marathon, so this 3.5 mile race will be perfect. However, the most exciting part is that both of our significant others are running as well! Joanna and her husband, Andrew, have run together on multiple occasions… however my boyfriend Nolan (I hope he’s reading this) absolutely REFUSES to run with me, so this will be a momentous occasion for us to run together. Although, I have been told that just because we are running in the same race does not necessarily mean we are running together, but I’m still excited!

So we have lots to look forward to over the next couple of weeks and are doing our best to stay motivated!


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