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I’m Back! April 12, 2009

Filed under: Fuel,Joanna,Vacations — flavprice @ 12:58 am

Hi, it’s Joanna. My trip to San Diego was AWESOME! It was filled with friends, food, fitness, and RELAXATION. Seriously, the sun, beach, and 70 degree weather was like heaven to me. I keep asking myself why I live in NY – the land of endless winter?!

Here is a recap my training while I was there (7 days – 2 of which were on an airplane)…I biked for an hour on two days, ran 4 miles on one day, and ran 10 on another. It wasn’t the most strenuous of exercise, but it felt GREAT to run in the warm sun!

Here are some pics: that first pic is before we left, andrew eating 4 servings / half a box of oatmeal squares! wow. there is some fun food in SD, a green smoothie (spinach, vanilla SILK soy yogurt, water, half banana, small apple), and me strolling in Cali!


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