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ENERGIZE March 26, 2009

Filed under: Joanna,Long Run,Quick Fuel — flavprice @ 5:31 pm

Joanna here. My mother-in-law (Hi AMY!) was kind enough to send me some new powerbars in the mail.  She saw this post and wanted to aid in my efforts of finding quick sugar for long runs. The bars she sent me are: POWER BAR Energize! They are more of a smoothie type flavor ….so far I have tried Berry…it tastes like an airhead! So good! I am not the biggest fan of Powerbars b/c the consistency hurts my teeth.  But I would DEFINITELY buy these for myself. It kept me energized on a run before dinner, aka STARVING, but it did the trick.



2 Responses to “ENERGIZE”

  1. caitlin Says:

    i love the idea of a group of friends running a blog together! are you going to do an “About” the authors page so we can learn about you all?

    • flavprice Says:

      we do have a small about section – maybe we will add more about the two of us indivicdually…thanks!

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