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“Harder, better, faster, stronger” -Kanye March 22, 2009

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Hi, Joanna here. I went on my first double digit run today! Before today my longest distance was 9.3 miles (15k) that I ran in a race last fall. My 52 year old dad smoked me…but that’s  neither here nor there. athankyou.

When I woke up I had some Kashi Mighty Bites cereal with skim milk, and half a banana. Since I didn’t leave for another 2 hours i had a spoonful of peanut butter and some OJ…to make sure I had enough fuel for this long run. I also slipped some jelly beans in my pocket – I am so glad that I did! The run was great actually…I averaged about 9:15 min. miles and finished just under 1:35:00.  This is perfect b/c I hope my half is in 2 hours or less. The only time I ever felt weird was when I stopped to eat my jelly beans, after mile 5. I got dizzy and woozy when I stopped, but once the sugar kicked in I was back in the groove. It was so cool to see how far I could go!

I had a great playlist going on my iPod. Two stand out songs were: “Stronger” by Kanye and “Jerusalem” by Matisyahu (random!) I also discovered that I enjoy a mix of songs when I run, which surprised me b/c I thought I only like fast, upbeat songs while exercising.  But, I rocked out to some Kings of Leon and Snow Patrol to change things up too.

When I got home I.WAS.STARVING. Seriously I thought I was going to pass out or dry heave or something. So I made the fastest thing I could think of, a smoothie. It was a great way to replenish my 1,000 calorie deficit, and hydrate too. I ate a lot of other things through out the day as well. Below is a picture of the dinner I made:

Healthy Chicken Pot Pie (wheat biscuits instead of pie crust)




This was easy, delicious, and nutritious. Perfect for a runner after a looooong, active day. Andrew liked it too 🙂


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