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Burnout March 17, 2009

Filed under: Long Run — flavprice @ 9:09 pm

Did you know burnout is a real psychological issue? We are starting to feel that towards running….major  BURNOUT. And the race is still weeks away. Any advice out there?


2 Responses to “Burnout”

  1. Rachel* Says:

    My mantra when I’m training is “just keep moving” – could be on a long run when I’m running out of steam or not feeling motivated to run after work. My mantra kicks in and reminds me what I’m working toward – the unreal feeling of finishing another race and being able to look back at how hard I worked to get to the finish line. Just Keep Moving!

  2. flavprice Says:

    Thanks for your feedback! It’s true….when you think about that feeling when you corss the finish line, and everyone cheering….there’s nothing like that. I guess we should pretend that at the end of our runs there will be a finish line…

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